Captive bred Dendrobatidae & other glass box residents.


Different Daryl, same Chris.

Edgewood Dart Frogs is the combined effort of Daryl Szyska of Exclusively Darts and Chris Miller of (not the carnivorous plant one or the fruit fly media recipe one or the Atlanta Falcons quarterback one).

With nearly 40 years of frog husbandry combined, this is an exciting new chapter for both of us. We’ve adjusted and combined collections with the goal of producing select dart frogs for both hobbyists and wholesale clients.

Offerings will include frogs from all readily available genera of dart frogs (Ameerega, Dendrobates, Epipedobates, Oophaga, & Ranitomeya) and some compatible microgeckos.


Available Animals


Check out what we’ve got ready to go and what will be available soon.

Wholesale Quantities


Hobby quality captive bred frogs available for the general pet trade.

The Frog Log


See how we do things and what’s happening in our frog room.